wandering wild
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Ah, not to be cut off,

Not by the slightest partition 

Shut out from the law of the stars.

The inner----What is it?


If not intensified sky,

Hurled through with birds and deep 

With the winds of homecoming.


Rainer Maria Rilke


 wandering wild 

A mindful nature-connection retreat 3 hours journey from London

This is a precious opportunity to respond to a yearning for the natural world, that many of us modern-day humans feel stirring from within.

In the spirit of a peaceful adventure we leave the city behind for a 3-day journey on foot, towards a deeper relationship with nature: both external- the beautiful, wild and ancient landscape of Dartmoor, as well as our own deeper innate nature.


Our days with be filled with:


Mindful walking practice in silence 3-4hr a day

Guided embodiment meditations

Sit spot practice

Plenty of time for reflection and journaling

Wild swimming 

Glorious sunrises and sunsets

wonderful starry nights and optional night walk to a large stone row and circle,

incredibly beautiful lit by the moon.

Dedicated time to express, listen and share our experiences in a mindful way

Vegetarian or vegan food

Enlivening fresh spring water from the source

Private comfortable tents

Each journey has a maximum of 6 wanderers ensuring an intimacy with nature a larger group would not do


Dartmoor national park is known for its wild and isolated beauty, its many wild horses roaming free, myriad streams and rivers, vast open horizons and great big skies,

ancient stone circles and remains of civilisations long gone dotted all across the moor, fairytale old oak forests covered in lichen and moss,

tors of great big granite rocks, compiled like were they pebbles cast from a giants hand to crown each hilltop.

Dartmoor is a very special place, a place to fall in love with. 

the challenge


Wandering wild is not a journey with the intention to be a goal-driven hike for the challenge or exercise, rather it is an exploration into our own inner nature and relationship with outer nature. It is a precious time to wander in silence and let nature do the talking.

 we will walk in a slower tempo than a usual guided hiking trip, have mediations and many breaks along the way.

We will be hiking with backpacks carrying all of our gear and food, and we will be in wild nature often walking on pathless ground, that will be a challenge to many no matter the intention.

However, it is a challenge that is empowering, rewarding and have been met by many wanderers with various ages and fitness.

 We will set off on foot into isolated and wilder areas of Dartmoor far from villages and roads, there is no clear path or trail to exit by.

Joining a Wandering Wild journey means completing the full journey.


As the cricket’s soft Autumn hum

Is to us

So are we to the trees

As they

To the rocks and the hills.

Gary Snyder



We shall not cease from Exploration, and the end of all Our exploring will be to arrive Where we started and know the Place for the first time

 T.S Eliot