Q: what if someone needs to get in contact with me will you have a phone swithced on?

A: yes there will be a phone switched on at all times the number which you can give to anyone who potentially needs to get in contact for emergency, however there are large stretches of time when there is no signal out on the moor, it is remote.

Q:can I get a refund if I have to cancel?

A: A £40 admin fee is non refundable. Up until 6 weeks prior to the journey you will be able to get a refund, after that no refund is given.

Q: can I bring my own equipment?

A: yes if you have some favourite kit that is fine, however weight and space in and of the bag is of uttermost importance and you will need to check with me in good time prior to our journey

Q: how physically hard is this going to be?

A:This is not a walk for exercise or for challenge it is meant to be pleasant, we will be walking in a relative slow tempo and have breaks every hour. However walking in wild terrain with a backpack is not a stroll in the park you will need some stamina and determination, and you can expect to have the satisfaction of a healthy appetite along tired muscles and feet after a day of walking.


 Q :  how much will I have to carry?

 A: The backpack you will be lent upon arrival will have most of the items you will need for our journey and will weigh 6.5 kilos all you will need to ad is a 3 season sleeping bag rain gear and clothes. (full list of items to bring will be sent to you upon booking)


Q : how many hours will we be walking a day?

A:  we will be walking between 3-4 hours a day 


Q : what will the food be like/ I have special dietry needs

A: All food will be supplied and be vegetarian with the option of vegan.

As we will all be carrying our own food for 3 days measures has been taken to minimise weight and to select foods that will keep well on our journey. Food will be nourishing and will taste amazingly after a days walk :-). but it won't be gourmet! There will be plenty of healthy snacks and treats as well. 


q  : can I park my car at the station?

A : yes there is paid parking available at the station