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Henriette Lofstrom lived in London for 10 years working in the fashion and design industry as a jewellery designer. In 2016 she relocated to south Devon in order to be closer to nature and to explore what life can be like when lived at a different tempo. 

She has trained as a hill and moorland guide with the British Mountain association, has studied Eco-Psychology and nature guidance at the Natural Academy and is a qualified coach.

Henriette has spent many years exploring silence as a way into intimacy with the present moment, both on meditation retreats as well as spending long stretches of time solo wandering in nature.

It is her firm belief and experience that every human being benefits tremendously from fostering a relationship to wild Nature as well as to the natural un modified self.

Henriette's approach to a wandering wild walk is one that embodies a deep sense of the feminine. We slow down in order to be with nature as nature. We slow down to let it all in, to touch and to be touched. We slow down in order to open to the incredible beauty and mystery that nature is.

This journey is for everyone you do not need to be "comfortable with the idea of crossing a river or of sleeping in the wild, sensitivity in nature is not a weakness! rather it can be an entry point into a deeper sense of presence and connection with nature. It is fine to hesitate and consider each stone carefully as we cross the small streams, a helping hand will be offered.